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September 28, 2022
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Lead clerk settlement
Updated On: Jan 09, 2022












THE TACS Duties and

Responsibilities/Lead Clerk

As a final and complete settlement of the subject grievance, and without prejudice to the position of the United States Postal Service or the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO in this or any other case, the following resolution has been entered into by the parties. In full resolution of the issues identified in the instant dispute, the undersigned agree to resolve the instant grievance for a one-time lump sum payment of $25,000,000.00 (twenty-five million dollars). The Postal Service will supply the Union with a list of employees who have held Lead Clerk Bids since February 4, 2016. The APWU will provide a listing of employee names, EINs, and amounts to be disbursed to each employee (less appropriate deductions). It is further agreed that $2,500,000.00 (two million five hundred thousand dollars) will be withheld from the initial disbursement. After January 1, 2022 the APWU will provide a listing of employee names, EINs, and amounts to be disbursed to each employee who will receive the remaining funds. The total combined amount of the two disbursements shall not exceed $25,000,000.00 (twenty-five million dollars). This agreement settles any other grievances in locations in the former Northeast Area on this issue which may be pending, held, or have been initiated/filed at any level of the grievance procedure as of the date of the signing of this agreement. The APWU agrees to a moratorium and will not initiate grievances or identify in any grievance any date as an infraction date on the issue of Lead Clerks performing TACS duties for a 45-day period beginning with the signing of this agreement. The parties reaffirm that the language in two national Step 4 settlements (Q10Q-4O-C 15194931 /HQTC20150814 and Q15C-4Q-C18000314 / Q15C-4Q-C 18273555) provides that Lead Clerks perform the duties associated with the Lead Clerk Clock Office Role in TACS. The Step 4 settlement of Q15C-4Q-C18000314 / Q15C-4Q-C 18273555 provides the language which assures Lead Clerk Clock Office Role duties are performed by Clerk Craft bargaining unit employees. “This will ensure that the TACS duties associated with the Lead Clerk Clock Office Role are performed by Clerk Craft bargaining unit employees.” (Bold Face added for Emphasis). These duties include, but are not limited to: 1. Enter, correct and delete leave (any type) into TACS, which has not been entered via eRMS. Page 2 of 3 2. Enter employee moves into TACS, 3. Enter missing time into TACS, 4. Correct clock ring errors, 5. Enter "no lunch" rings into TACS, 6. Enter guaranteed time, 7. Enter clock rings as per PS Form 1260 and PS Form 1261, 8. Enter disallowed time as per PS Form 1017-A and PS Form 1260 or PS Form 1261, 9. Enter overtime transactions (Scheduled or Unscheduled), 10. Duties associated with entering PS Form 3189, Change of Schedule, 11. Enter higher level, 12. Run TACS reports, 13. Maintain files of forms that support time and attendance entries. 14. Assist the supervisor in preparation and/or submission of a properly approved Form 2240 payroll adjustment. The parties agree the lead clerk(s) performs the TACS duties identified above for all bargaining unit employees within the facility. The following actions must be completed within 45 days of the signing of this settlement: Management and Local APWU Union Officials will meet to discuss the necessary actions which must be taken to successfully effectuate compliance with this settlement. 1. Pursuant to the Step 4 Agreement Q15C-4Q-C18000314 / Q15C-4Q-C 18273555, In facilities that qualify for more than one (1) Lead Clerk duty assignment, not all Lead Clerks must be assigned TACS duties, however, management must provide the required Lead Clerk Clock Office Role training to additional Lead Clerks in order to provide appropriate coverage for each tour (F1 Mail Processing), days off and leave. This will ensure that the TACS duties associated with the Lead Clerk Clock Office Role are performed by Clerk Craft bargaining unit employees. 2. Management will determine the number of Lead Clerks needed to perform the TACS duties in the Lead Clock Office Role in facilities where there are more than 1 Lead Clerk. 3. If there is a mail processing location where no clerks have been given the Lead Clerk Clock Office Role training and Lead Clerks are not performing any TACS duties: a. Identify all Lead Clerks in Facility by Seniority b. Assign TACS duties to Senior Clerk(s) or make mutual agreement with local union to an alternate Lead clerk(s) in lieu of the senior clerk to be assigned the TACS dutiespursuant to the Step 4 Q15C-4Q-C18000314/ Q15C-4Q-C18273555. 4. Management will also consult with the Local Unions to ensure compliance with all necessary LMOU provisions when changing or adding to an occupied duty assignment. Page 3 of 3 5. HR Local Services must take the necessary actions with HRSSC to officially add “Shall Perform TACS Duties – Must complete required TACS training” to the HCES Job Comments on the current Lead Clerk duty assignments that will be performing TACS duties. 6. Pursuant to the Step 4 Agreement Q15C-4Q-C18000314 / Q15C-4Q-C 18273555, the added job comments cited in the above paragraphs will continue to be included on future bid postings for those Lead Clerk duty assignments designated to perform TACS duties. 7. Learning Development & Diversity (L D & D) must run a training report of those Lead Clerks to identify who has not received the required TACS training. Those who have not been trained and have been designated to perform the duties, must complete the following courses in accordance with the CBA: a. Lead Clerk Overview Training b. Time and Attendance Collection System - Supervisor Training 8. If any employees identified above have received the above training, but they haven't performed any of the tasks associated with this training additional training and/or brush up training will be provided without delay. 9. Operations, HR Local Services and LD &D must make arrangements with the District TACS Coordinator to schedule all necessary training within the agreed upon 45 days. 


Several years ago, our local filed grievances contending that Management failed to honor two National Step 4 settlements that required that all Lead Clerks receive TACS training and TACS access to perform necessary pay and leave adjustments.   The functions of performing pay and leave adjustments had been done by the clerk craft many years ago until management abolished the positions and gave the work to supervisors.  With the creation of Lead Clerks during the 2010 contract negotiations, that work was restored to the clerk craft in the Lead Clerk position description.  Unfortunately, management never provided the training nor adhered to the National settlements in 2016. 

As a result, many locals, including the Queens Area Local, filed grievances requesting that management provide the training and that Lead Clerks be made whole for the bargaining unit work those supervisors were doing while performing the TACS adjustments. Since many locals in the old Northeast Area filed the same grievances, one regional grievance was filed and arbitrated.  National Business Agent Pete Coradi successfully advocated the case for the APWU and the arbitration award was rendered in May of 2019.  Once again, management failed to provide the training and compensate Lead Clerks in the Northeast Area for the work that management had been performing.

Recently, NBA Pete Coradi was able to negotiate a settlement based on the 2019 Lead Clerk Arbitration Award.  The settlement provides for Lead Clerks to receive the necessary TACS training and begin to perform the TACS work when necessary.   In addition to the training, a lump sum of 25 million dollars was awarded to the APWU to compensate all Lead Mail Processing Clerks, Lead Sales and Service Clerks and Lead Customer Service Clerks in the Northeast area, approx. 3300 clerks.


The settlement provides pay entitlement for all clerk craft employees who held (“held” not working) a Lead Clerk duty assignment during the time frame of February 4, 2016 through September 3, 2021.  Payment is calculated at $7.43 a day for each day the Lead Clerk assignment was held, for a maximum of 2044 days for a maximum payment of $15,193.20, minus tax deductions. The payment is anticipated to be inputted by management for payment on the October 1, paycheck.  Those that are due in excess of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) will receive their payment in two installments.  First one on October 1, 2021 in the amount of $9,995.00 and the second installment on the October 15, 2021 for the balance.

Any clerical member that believes they have held a Lead Clerk position during the above time frame, should see a Union Rep. in the JFK APWU office or contact the Queens Area Local office in Ozone Park to ensure that they are on the list for payment. 

                         IT PAYS TO BELONG!!!

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